Are we being shortchanged in our Celebrations tubs?

Peter Coles has just reblogged this post on a crucial confectionary-related issue that Ravi Subramanian ( is at long last addressing scientifically. Ravi needs our help. Do your bit for festive science and scoff a box or two of Celebrations…

More Known Than Proven

Yesterday I posted a tongue-in-cheek picture on Facebook of a bar chart (not the one above) that I made up of sweets in a Celebrations tub. It was a riposte to a pie chart that Simon Brew had done here. As someone who likes good data visualisation I find pie charts nearly always to be worse than a bar chart – if you want to know why read Edward Tufte or this or this.

Below, on the left is Simon’s pie chart, and on the right is the bar chart I did with my own tub of Celebrations. My bar chart shows I’m clearly being short changed on the Malteasers (which I love) and there are far too many Bounty bars (who likes Bounty bars?!?).






As a trade unionist I believe in fairness and social justice. And in the case of sweets I…

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