Sixty Symbols ENTHUSEs…

After a number of what must have been close-to-interminable video editing sessions (involving sifting through a quarter of a TB of footage!), earlier this week Sean Riley completed the Sixty Symbols video on the ENTHUSE team’s visit to Ethiopia. The video was uploaded yesterday. Here it is.

I could not be happier with the video — Sean has done a stunning job  of capturing the entire Ethiopia experience, condensing a very packed seven days into an engaging 18 minute film. It’s been very well-received by the Sixty Symbols audience, who have left many kind and affecting comments under the video. (There have also been some gripes about the background music below the line in the comments thread, and one or two rather nasty racist comments, but this is YouTube after all. It’s hardly always a forum for the most erudite discussion one could imagine.  Cue xkcd cartoon…)

For what it’s worth, I love the music in the Sixty Symbols video. It was written by Alan Stewart, an immensely talented musician (and physics teacher) with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work in the past (on this phi- and pi-inspired prog rock instrumental). (I hope that Alan and I can find time to work together again in the future — I learned so much from him.)

We’re starting to gear up for the next visit to Ethiopia, exploring alternative funding options. I’ll provide updates here at Symptoms… over the coming months.