Now is the time for all good folk to come to the aid of the party.

Around about this time last year I joined the Labour Party to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election (and discussed my reasons in this post: ).

Although Corbyn is clearly a man of great integrity who rightly forgoes the spin and disingenuity of the Blair era, I’ve been bitterly disappointed in his performance as leader. My MP, Lilian Greenwood, was among the first to resign from the Shadow Cabinet this weekend. I have a huge amount of respect for Lilian (having shadowed her for a couple of days at Westminster, as part of the 2013 Royal Society MP-Scientist pairing scheme). It’s of immense concern that Corbyn cannot keep dedicated Labour MPs like Lilian on side.

The thought-provoking and coherently-argued post below, written by Philip Blackledge, and which I’m reblogging here, highlights the depressing and vicious in-fighting at the heart of Labour. Just like I did last year, Blackledge is going to join the Labour party to vote in the upcoming leadership election that will almost certainly be triggered by a vote of no-confidence later this afternoon. But Blackledge won’t be voting for Corbyn…


I have disavowed political parties for some years now. I have said, and I still think, that I can never become a political party member. I know the limits of my patience, and I find that being a member of a political party means that I have to attend lots of meetings and discuss lots of strategies that I have absolutely no interest in. I also have to sign up to opinions that I can’t necessarily hold with integrity. It’s like being in a church but without the freedom of expression, and without the desire to reconcile when we fall out. More than that, I think I can do more good being politically involved in other ways. But I’m going to become a  member, for one reason – I have a right, as we all do, to have a choice when I vote. And as long as Jeremy Corbyn is…

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