Hi there. Thanks for visiting the “Symptoms…” blog. I’m a physicist at the University of Nottingham (see here for my UoN pages), a father of three, step-dad-to-be, and substantially worse half to Lori, my wonderful fiancée, whose patience with my Spinal Tap obsession definitely goes up to 11 and beyond…

In addition to the day job — research, teaching, and the ever-present and ever-growing associated admin (a CV is here) — I have a keen interest in science communication and public engagement both online and offline via, for example, the Sixty Symbols project (and a number of Brady Haran‘s other YouTube channels including Numberphile and Computerphile); venting my spleen for a variety of magazines and websites including Times Higher Education, Physics World, and, very occasionally, the HuffPost blog; and getting out of my native university habitat to discuss science in less academic surroundings: Pint of Science, Skeptics In The Pub, and the Blue Dot festival.

I’m also a huge fan of metal music in all its various forms, sub-(sub-sub-sub-)genres, and variants. (Yes, even  — whisper it — some 80s hair metal…). And while I don’t share my infamous namesake’s fascination with the binomial theorem, in my spare time I certainly enjoy exploring the maths-metal interface:

The “Pi Prog Rock” track above was a collaboration with Alan Stewart. All the hard work was Alan’s — all I did was add guitar on top. Alan’s superior version without my noise on top is here…

There’s also this.

 It pains me, to the core of my dark, metal-loving soul, to write “Spinal Tap” without the umlaut over the n. If anyone knows how to get WordPress to reliably generate an n with an umlaut, please, please let me know.