“I Can See Her Again”

I’m well aware that I’m skirting dangerously¬†close to Mary Ann Bighead (of Private Eye fame) territory with this short post, but I am immensely proud of my daughter, Saoirse, for having her poem published ¬†in a book of poetry last week. The book in question, “Poetry Emotions“, is a collection of poetry written by children from schools across the Midlands. Here’s Saoirse’s poem.

I click “play” on the movie in my head.
And I can see her again.

Her soft black hair glistening in the sunlight,
as she leaps and bounds over the fields.
Skipping, jumping.

It’s as if she’s an angel,
Staring down at me with immense concentration.

And it’s as if she just floated away leaving only a shadow in the sky.
A tear trickles down my cheek.
I feel like it was all my doing,
I can remember how it used to be.
Playing in the fields and meadows, singing and laughing.
I can remember her sweet voice.

She looks at me and I look at her.
Our gaze is locked in time.

I see her again and I remember, my best friend…

Saoirse Carroll-Moriarty (9)
Middleton Primary & Nursery School, Wollaton, Nottingham